Arbor Branch

Rooted in organic California modernism, this 1970s home was designed to celebrate natural materials and easy yet artful living.

The studio led renovation design of the kitchen and bathrooms and updated finishes throughout the house. Limed ash wood walls, travertine floors, and honed-stone countertops provide the backdrop for a highly personal collection of vintage and handcrafted furnishings and accessories. Greenery, art, and considered vignettes featuring objects, ceramics, and books reflect the family’s interests and aesthetic sensibility.

• Interior Design
• Renovation
• Custom Artwork

With a warm, Californian undercurrent, Arbor Branch is a bright and easy space with a collected sensibility.

Using a distinct materiality that focuses on a blend of contemporary and vintage finds, the space feels approachable and aspirational.

Ebracing the natural light, the outdoors comes in through substantial wooden furniture, hits of greenery, and an assemblage of earthen pottery.